Arrival is WildeStarr’s debut album, released late 2009. Self promoted by the band, the record received critical acclaim worldwide, charting number 6 for imports in Japan without major label distribution or a marketing budget. Hailed by many critics as the best new artist release of 2009, the music is Traditional/Progressive metal, filled with haunting lyrics and melodies, masterful harmony guitar work, with a sound that is heavy, lush and ethereal. The album takes you on a journey through realms of life and death. A dynamic heart stopping ride through highs, lows and dark places between.

WildeStarr returns with a vengeance with "A TELL TALE HEART", 10 blistering tracks of pure metal, full of passion, anger, and fury. The new WildeStarr CD goes above and beyond where their debut CD "ARRIVAL" left off.  "A TELL TALE HEART" will take you on a searing, metallic journey full of twists and turns leaving you breathless. Are you ready for the ride...?


2012 “A Tell Tale Heart” 2009 “Arrival”