A Tell Tale Heart

Year Released: 2012

Label: Scarlet Records

Band Members:

Dave Starr (All Guitars, Bass)

London Wilde (Vocals, Keyboards)

Josh Foster (Drums)

Track Listing:

1. Immortal 4:06

2. Transformis Ligeia 4:10

3. A Perfect Storm

4. Valkyrie Cry

5. Last Holy King

(dedicated to Ronnie James Dio)

6. In Staccata

7. Not Sane

8. Seven Shades of Winter

9. The Pit or the Pendulum

10: Usher in the Twilight

Inspired by the tales of Edgar Allen Poe, “A Tell Tale Heart” will take you on a searing journey full of twists and turns, leaving you breathless. Are you ready for the ride?