Voice In The Silence

From: Arrival

Lyrics: London Wilde

Humble at your temples’ gate

Silver skies holding back tears of rain

With iron hearts we curse what fate has taken

A voice that was silenced

Voice that was silenced

I listen for a message sent

Not a sound, just echoes of love and pain

I’m too late to know you

But I still listen for

A voice in the silence

Voice in the silence

Under a dark night

I feel you breathing

Underneath the veil

It’s coming closer

Am I just dreaming

Or do legends

Never die

Never die

Can you hear me now?

Humble at your temple’s gate

A faded smile lingers upon my face

You see at last “The Voice”  and I have spoken

To one and all

I hear your calls

And though we’re far

We’re never out of reach

Just listen,

Can you hear it?

A voice in the silence

Voice in the silence

Dedicated to Carl Albert,  1962-1995