Generation Next

From: Arrival

Lyrics: London Wilde

Victimized and bleeding

A sterilized Utopia

This is what we’re leaving

It’s up to you to stand or fall

Fools say you’re much to young

But you are what’s to come

Generation Next


The poison air we’re breathing

A toxic waste of apathy

A homicidal feeling

Of self destruction and disease

Fools say you’re on your own

But you can change what’s done

Generation Next

Generation Next

Exit regime, rip the titans of war from their place

An army that sleeps, you’ll arise and awaken someday

You’ve got the power to

Seize take control

Of a world that’s lost it’s way

Violence receding

A growing peace at last restored

Miraculous and healing

The death of evil, hate and war

Fools they say it can’t be done

Then what will we become?

Generation Next

Generation Next