Josh Foster Discography and Credits:

Albums :

“A Tell Tale Heart” WildeStarr 2012

Scarlet Records, Hydrant/EMI

“Tectonics” Dissipate 2012

Basick Records

(Drums, backing vocals)

“Left Without” Idoler EP 2010

(Drums, Guitars, Bass)

Songnd produce

“Goats” Eat Dead People Demo 2010

(Drums, Guitars, songwriter/Producer)

“What you’ve become” House of Atreus 2005

(Lead Vocals, songwriter)

 Engineering Credits:

“A Tell Tale Heart” WildeStarr 2012

(Drums, Guitars, Bass,)

“After Life, Death Rebirth” Dissipate 2011

(all instruments, pre production)

“Our Own Storm” Aura of Lesya single 2011

(all instruments)

“Bound By Design” Izeovasis EP 2011

(all instruments)

My Father’s Son

(all instruments)

Singles 2011

“Get Up! (The Survivor song)”

“Anywhere But Here”


 “Thread The Hour” House of Atreus 2008

Josh Foster is the rhythmic power behind WildeStarr, and delivers a solid In your face drumming style to the band’s already massive sound.

Introduced to Dave Starr in their hometown of Alameda, Josh handed Dave a demo EP of his band Idoler in 2010. After a listen, Dave was so impressed with the Drumming that the band enlisted him for their second album “A Tell Tale Heart” (Scarlet Records, Hydrant/EMI) which was written and recorded from 2010-2012.

His influences are in Death, Tech and Metal Core as well as the newer Djent style metal, thus Josh is bringing a heavier element to the new material.

Josh is not only a talented drummer, but a vocalist, bass player, guitar player, recording engineer and song writer as well. Josh’s powerful voice can be heard on “A Tell Tale Heart” when the occasional gang vocal is required. Josh Co-engineered WildeStarr’s album “A Tell Tale Heart” with London Wilde, and has worked with many Bay Area artists as a producer, recording engineer and mixer, as well as providing vocals, bass and guitar work for other artists.

Josh recorded and mixed drums, co engineers with London Wilde mixing and mastering on the new record “Beyond The Rain”, and is a key contributor to the bands sound.