London Wilde Discography and credits:

Albums with WildeStarr:

(Lyrics, Melody, Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards)

“A Tell Tale Heart” 2012

Scarlet Records and Hydrant/EMI

“Arrival” 2009

Furnace Maximus Records

 Engineering Credits:

Crown of Thorns Singles- 2011

“Feel it”

“Broken into Pieces”

(Lead Guitars)

Voodo X  - 2010

(Lead Guitars)

WildeStarr Arrival - 2009

(Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals)

CHASTAIN "In an Outrage"

Leviathan Records 2004

(Bass Tracks)

Videos :

WildeStarr “Arrival” 2010

(performed, directed and edited)

Film Score Credits :

“My Way” Independent Film 2005

London has a world class voice that rivals that of the genre’s best male metal power vocalists. London’s voice has often been compared to the likes of Rob Halford, Ripper Owems and Geoffe Tate by critics and listeners.

Ranging from smooth operatic and sweet, to a powerhouse, peppered with searing intense high screams. Layering harmonies over strong catchy melodic themes is a trademark.

London writes the lyrics and melodies for WildeStarr, and handles most of the recording and mixing for the band. London has engineered tracks for other artists, such as David Chastain, Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X.

Self taught, London began to seriously study vocals at age 14. London got her first professional experience working in the recording studio at her brother’s record company, Palace Records.  

London began working with bands and musicians in her own studio in the mid 90’s, where she recorded demos, assisted artists in song writing, and did studio vocals for local metal and hard rock bands.

London also wrote, directed and edited WildeStarr's video “Arrival” released in 2010.